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Vernon Alliance Church has partnered with FH Canada for close to two decades. We are grateful for your partnership as together we walk with the community of Xonca, Guatemala, and see the people in this community move from stuck to thriving.

Guatemala ranks among the world's lowest in terms of chronic malnutrition and substandard child growth attainment. In Xonca, this problem is exacerbated by a lack of access to safe drinking water. Families depend on rainwater, which is stored in containers and easily contaminated. Other ways to access water require long walks in the mountainous terrain—often by women and girls—to haul water from its source to the community.

Lack of access to basic services including safe water and sanitation put children at risk, even those who receive adequate caloric intake. By supporting this water project, you will help to counter this epidemic. The community has rallied together to purchase land with a clean water spring, and they've prepared a plan for a water pipeline system. Your help will allow them to construct a new storage tank and water distribution network, empower a local committee who will oversee the maintenance of the system, and train community members in better hygiene practices. They have already put many of the pieces into place, but do not have the ability to finish the work.

With your help, children in Xonca will drink fresh water! You can learn more about this project by watching the video below and downloading this info sheet.

Can you join together with us as we partner with the community of Xonca, Guatemala to bring this water project across the finish line? Access to clean water is transformational to the people of Xonca. You can get involved by visiting the Xonca Water Pipeline Project here. Or by designating "XONCA" on our online or in-person giving options.

Thank you for your prayers, and for your thoughtful consideration. If you have any questions, you can reach us, Len and Juanita, at Or, you can also connect with Rhonda at FH Canada at