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The earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023 was one of the most devastating earthquakes globally in the last decade with over 46,000 deaths reported to date.  The Alliance Canada is responding as swiftly as possible to bring relief to those impacted, mobilizing resources and partnerships to ensure essential aid arrives. 

Initial responses are widespread with smaller partnership as we start so as to cover as much ground as possible in these early days. Currently there are 3 local churches in the affected areas in Turkey that are setting up communications and assistance stations to help those in their area. As this is published, we are sending funds to our workers on the ground in Turkey who will direct the money to assist in these areas. Those who are in the affected area that want to help are often victims themselves, please pray  that they find effective ways and systems to distribute assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Alliance Canada is also engaged with Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) globally and with specific member churches like Hong Kong Alliance Mission, CAMA Services US, a Peruvian Alliance worker and the Emerald region of the AWF. We are working to form partnerships with these organizations, with whom we have trusted relationships, and who have strong connections on the ground to broaden our impact.

Pray for those affected. You are no doubt watching the news and have a sense of just how devastating this is and the cold weather is compounding the suffering.

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