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Now more than ever, we've realized just how important meaningful connections are. Being in community makes life better, and makes us better at life. That's why we're so excited about Fireside Chats: a way to draw VAC together by creating spaces for intentional connection and conversations.
After all, don't some of the best conversations happen around a fire?

Registration deadline: May 30

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What are Fireside Chats?

Simply put, Fireside Chats create spaces for connection and conversation. They are a time to gather across our community in smaller, but tangible and meaningful ways. FC groups will hear from and practically support each other, pray for one another, and come together outdoors in the beautiful North Okanagan. Our goal is to see as many people as would like, to experience a Fireside Chat. And that's where you come in - register today!

Frequently Asked Questions

FC gatherings will happen between May 15 and June 30 in your FC host's yard, or in a participant's yard. Gatherings could also happen in a public outdoor space, like a park.

Including hosts, gatherings will be outside and in groups between 6 and 10 people maximum, as currently allowed under BC Provincial Health guidelines.

Below is a brief reading and guide so that you can be prepared to share your thoughts at an FC gathering.

Reading & Prep Guide HERE

We are all trying to do our best! We are not coercing anyone to do something they aren't comfortable with - but VAC leadership is comfortable proceeding with Fireside Chats as they have been created with all restrictions/guidelines in mind. Gatherings are outside, and in groups of 10 people or less as currently allowed under BC Provincial Health guidelines.

If anyone is feeling unwell or is symptomatic, they should not participate. Without being directive, we encourage you to use common sense and let your conscience be your guide.
Masks are not required IF social distancing is in place. There is an online Zoom option for those who would prefer not to meet in person.

A firepit/campfire adds to the ambience, but is not a requirement for a Fireside Chat.

Due to the current Covid restrictions limiting gatherings to 10 people or less, we are unable to include children at Fireside Chats (with the exception of nursing infants).

Home Groups have traditionally centered around a study of some sort. This is about sharing with one another and praying for one another. It's an opportunity to have conversations and deepen connection with one another. You may have experienced that in a Home Group, but with FC groups, we want to make it easier to reach and include people from the larger VAC community.

Contact your Home Group leader to find out if as a group, you are participating in Fireside Chats. If your group is - you don't need to register and you'll be provided with FC details from your leader. But if your group is NOT participating - you can register for FC as an individual


When you register starting May 8, we will need to know the following:
- which days of the week work for you to participate in the evening (specific dates not required)
- if you prefer meeting in person or online over Zoom

Host Information

Host registration is currently closed! Why? Because we're lucky enough to already have SO many of you willing to host FC groups! But if you'd like to register as a guest, please see our FAQ above to register!

That's ok - we've created an online Zoom option and will help you to set your group up that way!

- if you are a VAC Home Group leader, you can facilitate your group. We hope you will also be available for a second time to host another FC group outside of your own.
- If you are NOT a Home Group leader, but have been asked to facilitate a FC group, we hope you will lead one.

If your Home Group is participating in Fireside Chats (see above), divide your group up and host 2 seperate FC gatherings. You may lead both, or have one of your Home Group members lead one. Contact Marni Rogers to advise who your second host is, so they can participate in training. We hope you will also host another time with people outside of your Home Group.

Leave that to us! We will be inviting people to register online to attend a Fireside Chat according to the evening of the week that works best for them! We'll provide you with a list of people to invite from those who have indicated the same day of the week as you are leading.

Online registration is open between May 8 and May 23. You will receive your guest list via email anytime between May 10 and May 25. Contact your group as soon as you receive your list.

After you choose the exact date, time and location for your Fireside Chat, you are responsible for communicating with your guests via the contact information we provide to you.

Here's where the community/conversation aspect starts: you can reschedule by choosing an alternate date on the preferred weeknight.....and ask your group to bring their own lawn chairs!

You'll receive helpful information during our FC Host training, or via email shortly thereafter.
As well, all registered guests will be given a brief reading and guide so that they are prepared to share their thoughts at the gatherings.

You can find that Reading & Prep Guide HERE

Food and beverages are not to be provided due to Covid restrictions. Although it may not be needed, your washroom should be made available. We ask that you properly disinfect your washroom and provide paper towels for hand drying, along with hand sanitizer. Guests should wear masks inside your home.

Welcome your guests as they arrive and direct them where to go. Encourage introductions, especially for those who are new! As host, we encourage you to start the sharing time. When finished, ask if someone will pray for you! Now ask someone else to go next! As host, ensure each person gets a turn and encourage guests to pray for one other person. Pray for those when no one else volunteers so no one gets missed!

We'll provide you with follow-up questions to highlight your experience and give you an opportunity to provide us with feedback! You'll also be contacted to discuss how things went for your FC group!

Questions about Fireside Chats?

Contact us!