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Funding Update

March 2023

We are happy to report that many worthy organizations presented applications for these funds and continue to do very valuable work in our community.  As a church community, we are blessed to support 3 organizations with funding. Read on to learn more about these recipients.

February 2023 Funding Recipients

Our main focus is to provide physical and spiritual care. For the last seven years we have provided a church service along with food service every Sunday and on long weekends we provide a meal. This is filling a gap and providing support and collaboration with other agencies and churches in the community. Our objective as much as possible is to provide a warm, healthy meal as well as building community amongst our marginalized and homeless community. Their grant will be used for the food operations for 2023.


We would like to buy equipment to support types of activities that promote exposure to a variety of lifelong physical opportunities. We are asking for support to purchase $3000 worth of equipment in order to promote and expose our students to achieve lifetime fitness opportunities. Some items staff have investigated include, but are not limited to, easy set-up pickle ball, steeple course, flying discs, 3 wedge system, and outdoor speaker. Their grant will be used to purchase physical education equipment. 


After conducting a needs assessment, we have determined a need for consistent wellness and wellbriety nights throughout our sites/programs. We would like to bring in local knowledge keepers to host weekly or bi-weekly wellbriety/wellness nights using honorariums. Our objective is to create a safe environment where individuals can support each other throughout their healing journey. We recognize that wellness starts with individuals who then influence their families, who then influence their communities, who in turn influence their regions. Currently, with 23 sites and 10 programs throughout the Okanagan, we are witnessing a high need for wellness supports throughout our continuum of care: Outreach, Shelter, Housing, Addictions Recovery, and Employment Services. Their grant will be used to purchase bus tickets for participants.


Opportunities for Local Organizations

Vernon Alliance Church has an exciting opportunity for organizations that serve our community by reducing conditions of poverty to vulnerable populations.

Vernon Alliance has developed a new Community Initiative Funding stream to support community organizations that serve vulnerable populations with Christian camps, hospital chaplaincy, health, social services, or education mandates.  This new process began in September 2022 to ensure transparency and equity in distribution of funds.  The completed application is required prior to the distribution of any funding to organizations, groups or societies.

Access to this funding is available twice per year.  The next funding deadline is September 30, 2023.  Applicants may run the risk of funding being depleted if waiting until the second intake deadline.  

Links to the application and the report form are available below.

Any questions should be forwarded to Kelly Johnson, Director of Operations.
Phone: 250-545-7105 ext. 107

Download Application Form Download Report Form