Our Beliefs
Helping People Discover Jesus Christ and Become His Followers

Our beliefs are based on Acts 2:42-47 where we see the early church gather, pray, worship, and learn. This results in service, generosity, mission, and acts of compassion. It reminds us of who God is growing us to be and clarifies our calling as a church.

Scripture: We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word to us and is indispensable for our Spiritual growth. The Holy Spirit speaks by the stories and truths of Scripture to nourish us and give us wisdom and courage for the life-long journey.

Prayer: We believe God communicates by His Spirit as we pray. It is the conversation of our hearts with God's heart and is the mysterious place where burdens are lifted and clarity is given. Praying privately and also with others is a gift God calls us into.

Worship: We believe that worship is the natural result of our faith. Is is when we seek to articulate the indescribable and make the unseen seen. Offering our whole life and our whole self to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

Community: We believe that God has created us to become our best in community. It is where we struggle and grow, fall and are picked back up. It is how the Triune God is reflected through us as we shape our lives around holy rhythms and relationships.

Generosity: We believe God is a spectacular giver (John 3:16). Significant generosity is to be the signature of God's people as we bring our talents and resources to be gathered and distributed. Giving reflects God's image within us; it is good for us.

Mission: We believe we are called to "go into the world". We pursue strategic partnerships with those in other parts of the world who are doing Kingdom work. We experience something more of God's heart as we reach out to serve other nations.

Compassion: We believe God calls his people to care for those who are vulnerable, marginalized, or in poverty. We seek to be active in providing holistic compassion and sustainable transformation. Compassion for all is the heartbeat of God.

Service: We believe God has made us a "body" with many gifts and abilities to serve each other. We are unique and so we each contribute something unique of God's grace as we serve. God's work is done throughout our church and community as we serve.