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Common Threads serves our community in a tangible way each week, providing hot, sit-down meals, all-ages clothing, hygiene products, bread, and supportive resources. This program is in URGENT need of donations and volunteer support; shelves are bare and hands are limited.

Supplies Needed
• toothbrushes, toothpaste
• shampoo, conditioner
• soap & body wash

Volunteer Support Needed
• soup makers
• donation pick-up driver

How can you help? Drop-off all non-perishable & supply donations at the Common Threads chute on our Arbour building during business hours. Contact us to volunteer as a driver or soup maker; it's a small time commitment and every extra hand makes a difference. Email or fill out a Connection Card.

THANK YOU for your support & care!

If you, your family, or someone you know is in need, visit Common Threads during open hours to receive a FREE hot meal, clothing for all ages, bread, a conversation, and a kind smile.