Telling God's Story

Worship & Arts at Vernon Alliance has at its core the desire to lift up the name of Jesus. In the book of John, chapter 12, Jesus talks about His crucifixion saying that when He is lifted up from the earth He will draw people to himself. This can be symbolic of our worship of Jesus through music and art. It is a way to lift up the name of Jesus, not only as crucified, but as our resurrected living Saviour. When we do that, He draws us to himself.

Worship & Arts at Vernon Alliance endeavours to include a wide variety of the arts in telling God’s story. A primary language to tell God’s story is music, but many other art forms can be represented including dance, drama, video / media, visual art and more.

Weekend Team

Here at VAC we strive to make music that is inspiring and accessible to all, so that everyone feels free to sing and engage in musical worship.  We believe that the role of music in worship is to give a collective voice to the prayers of the church, providing people a way to articulate their praise, affection, and adoration towards God.

Our VAC Music teams consist of many passionate and gifted musicians, all with varying backgrounds, musical tastes, and experience levels.  Our bands rotate from weekend to weekend, and our set lists consist of a variety of song styles from traditional hymns to modern and contemporary.

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