In Over Your Head

Several years ago I was deeply impacted by these lines written by New Testament scholar Gary Burge:

Christianity is not simply about believing the right things (though this is important). Nor is it simply a matter of living a Christ-like life (though this is important too). Christian experience must necessarily have a mystical, spiritual, non-quantifiable dimension. To be a disciple means having the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit living in us. It means having a supernatural, interior experience that is completely unlike anything available in the world. It is a way of believing (doctrine) and a way of living (ethics), but these are nurtured by the life-giving connection with Jesus Christ.

I know that many of us have become dissatisfied with a Christian faith boiled down to doing the right things and believing the right truths. We want to experience the peace, direction, joy and empowerment that comes as Jesus lives his life through us. This happens when the Holy Spirit fills us, bringing the presence and power of Jesus into our very hearts.

This weekend, Dave Hearn, a long-time friend of Vernon Alliance, will be teaching us about this dynamic. I’m excited not just to learn about the Holy Spirit, but to invite Him to fill us in a fresh way.

- Pastor Jason